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3 Reasons Why New Music Is Released On Fridays

If you feel like a lot of new music has been dropping on Fridays, it's no accident. We look at the three main reasons why Friday is the number one release day. Plus more evidence rock is not dying

June 7, 2018


You might have noticed that all new music released by record labels always comes on a Friday and wondered why.

After all, Friday generally isn’t a great day for communication online (primarily via email) as people are especially frantic before the weekend.

And if you remember back to before 2015, Tuesday used to be release day in the U.S.

There are three main reasons why Friday was chosen as the global release day for new music.

1. Different territories used different release days for new music, and that made pirating easier.

For instance, if a territory released new music from a major artist on Monday, it could be up on a pirate site in the old download days before the official release elsewhere on Tuesday or Friday, thereby hurting sales.

A uniform Friday release day eliminated that, although that reason doesn’t matter much with streaming these days anyway, although it does play into reason #2.


2. Streaming platforms change their programming and playlists on Friday.

Friday is the day that the new promos and playlists come out on Apple Music and Spotify, probably in response to the fact that new music is released that day.


3. The most compelling reason for a Friday release day is because of the Billboard charts.

The magazine tracks song and album activity from Friday through Thursday. Releasing on Friday gives you a full week of chart action for new music. The Billboard charts aren’t as influential as they used to be, but they’re still the benchmark at most labels.

But, Friday can be a busy and noisy day with so many releases at the same time.

That’s probably a good enough reason for an indie artist or band to steer clear of the day and release new music earlier in the week. A new release needs any reason to stand out, and having less competition is one of the best available.


Good Charlotte Unveils Introspective New Visual for ‘Actual Pain’






Ahead of the September 14 release of their seventh studio album Generation Rx, Good Charlotte released a dark new video for their recent single, “Actual Pain.”

The clip features a young boy’s complicated relationship with his struggling mother, and how the bad times affect the boy when he ages.

Tell me why I hurt this way/Should I even love you anymore?” the lyrics dig as he bursts into tears after a fight with his mom.

Following the release of Generation Rx, the rock band will be hitting the road with tour dates in Europe and the UK, starting on February 1, 2019, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Tour and ticket details are on the Good Charlotte website here.



Is Rock Dead? Not According To This Global Survey Of Retail Market Share



New global figures from Ovum TMT intelligence shows that rock is not necessarily less popular; just that hip-hop, rap, and R&B have exploded.

Global recorded music retail sales by genre share in 2017


There’s been plenty of “rock is dead” nonsense floating about, most of it generated from within the United States since hip-hop eclipsed rock last year as a primary driver of culture when it comes to music.

New global figures from Ovum TMT intelligence shows that rock is not necessarily less popular; just that hip-hop, rap, and R&B have exploded.

But if we look at things on a global scale, we gain a different perspective.

The research from Music & Copyright breaks down the world market share of musical genres, and the numbers show that retail sales of hip-hop and R&B jumped 24% in 2017, increasing its global market share from 10.4% to 11.9%, a nice increase.

But rock spending also increased by 2.5% to a world level of $5.12 billion (vs. $2.59 billion for hip-hop and R&B).

Streaming is driving the growth of hip-hop and R&B, with a market share that is double that of the genre’s retail sales.

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There are those who argue rock has been slowly declining since the 90s, yet figures show rock is still a musical force, and not going away just yet.

Now it’s up to the streaming services and record labels to properly promote rock music with as much enthusiasm as they provide to hip-hop. They have every incentive to do so given retail sales. They have never shied away from making money, have they?

There are some great rock bands in 2018. Loudwire thinks Godsmack’s “When Legends Rise” is one of the top new rock albums so far in 2018.





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