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Instagram May Soon Enable One Hour Videos With Music

Instagram is looking to push the boundaries with longer vertical videos with a 1-hour clip limit that will, of course, need music. Plus a look at the HBO Robin Williams biopic and more.

June 8, 2018


Going from 10-second clips on Snapchat to 6-second videos on Vine (RIP), the attention span of the iGeneration has become minimal,  which is why social media platforms have altered their features accordingly.

However, it now looks like Instagram is taking a step in the opposite direction. Bucking the small-clip trend, Instagram may soon be embracing a more extended video format.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Instagram is considering changing its maximum video length from one minute to one hour.

The update would reportedly serve as an extension of Instagram Stories, where users can currently post 15-second videos that disappear after 24 hours.

The new video feature would be vertically-oriented, and Instagram has reportedly been talking with top publishers and influencers about participating.


While videos on Instagram could positively impact business, it may also raise some concerns for copyright owners.


Music is frequently incorporated into videos, either as a featured component or simple background filler. Sometimes, a song is merely playing somewhere — in a car, at a club, on a radio somewhere.

All of which means Instagram will have to adapt to new copyright rules.



YouTube is the top visited site by teens. By adding videos that contain music, Instagram appears to be attempting to more directly compete.



Or, perhaps this is perfect timing for Facebook’s ongoing music expansion. And, a chance for copyright owners to make a lot more money.

Just recently, the social network signed major licensing deals with labels and publishers, all of which is enabling music to get monetized in clips.

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Already, Instagram is flirting with adding popular music to Stories, so one-hour soundtracks seem like a natural next step.

The expansion could dramatically expand brand and sponsorship opportunities for Instagram. It could also pose a severe problem for YouTube, where some of the most popular social influencers dwell.

Just like YouTube, Instagram also has a large community of influential users with large followings. That includes the all-important teen market, though a lack of longer-form, creator-made content may be limiting overall engagement.

Currently, the only way for those users to post extended videos on Instagram is via Livestream.  That doesn’t contain ads, something Instagram probably wants to change.



‘Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind’: See Intimate First Trailer





“You’re only given a little spark of madness, and if you lose that, you’re nothing,” the late Robin Williams says in the first trailer for HBO’s documentary, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind.

The film, which premiered at Sundance, features rare footage, including scenes from the comedian’s stand up appearances interspersed with photos.

The new trailer traverses his public and private world, providing insight on the comedian’s life and career via his own words, alongside his friends, peers, and family.


“He was really comfortable onstage. Offstage, I just felt he was holding himself together.” – Steve Martin


Meanwhile, Billy Crystal talks about the funny phone messages Williams would leave for him.

Williams’ son Zak reflects on his father’s insecurities. “My father didn’t always feel like he was succeeding,” he remarks. “But he was the most successful person I know.”

Williams also discusses his craft as well as his personal battles, including footage of him speaking candidly about his fears and his issues with drugs and alcohol. “Stand-up is survival,” he explains. “For me, that’s jazz – that’s what I have to do.”

HBO’s Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind will air on July 16th.



Alice In Chains React To Fan Telling Them Pearl Jam & Soundgarden Are Better


Alice In Chains was recently interviewed by FM99 WNOR, and they had a funny exchange with the DJ, telling him that if he crapped on the band, they would play what he wanted.

Watch the interview below:





New Prince Album Announced On 60th Birthday



The Prince estate will release a new album, loosely based on the last tour Prince was in the middle of when he died; Piano & Microphone tour.


The nine-track album will contain previously unreleased recordings, including early versions of his hit Purple Rain, his estate said.

Prince sold more than 100 million records during his career, with his music spanning rock, funk, and jazz.

The acclaimed and influential musician was 57 when he died at his Minnesota home in April 2016.


The new album, called Prince & A Microphone 1983 will contain a 1983 home studio recording made on a cassette tape of Prince playing on his piano.


“This raw, intimate recording, which took place at the start of Prince’s career right before he achieved international stardom, is similar in format to the Piano & A Microphone Tour that he ended his career with, in 2016,” Troy Carter, entertainment adviser for the Prince Estate, said.

Prince released his first album in 1978 and became a global superstar in the 1980s, with albums such as 1999, Purple Rain, and Sign ‘O’ The Times.

Early versions of some of his most popular songs are on the new album.

It will be released in collaboration with Warner Brothers Records and is available to pre-order here.


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