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About Us

It’s OK to lean back, relax, maybe crank up the volume and enjoy one great rock music track after another. Welcome to rockingthenet.com.

Coming in February 2018, rockingthenet.com will capture the essence of old school radio joined with the fast-paced technology of the Internet. rockingthenet.com is FREE. There is no monthly subscription fee to pay just so you can create your own playlists. Who has time for that?

RTN is creating an online community of rock music lovers who want to enjoy their passion for rock n’ roll. Together, we are creating the next big thing in rock music streaming. You have a voice. RTN is 360-degree radio, an interactive listening experience.


RTN is a community radio station but we don’t have DJs. RTN relies on you to be the channel’s personality. It’s your rock music requests, your rock music stories and memories that make RTN the online rock music channel you want to be a part of.

Here’s how it works. Connect with RTN and subscribe to our newsletter by clicking the this link. Or visit the RTN Facebook and Twitter pages. You can leave comments and requests for tracks you want to hear. Where ever you are, whatever devices you listen on, whenever you listen, RTN is streaming the rock music you are passionate about. RTN is always only a click away. Connect anytime from your smart phone, iPad, tablet, laptop or desktop.

We function like a start-up company because we are. We don’t have a history. But we do have a vision how to showcase rock music. How to make one great song flow into another. To make this online community of rock music lovers become part of the listening experience, where your voice helps bring the best rock music to all of us. Not just the same songs, different day.

New rock, 2000s rock, 70s, 80s, 90s rock, rockin’ blues, hard rock, metal rock. If it’s rock music, you will hear it on rockingthenet.com.


We are not the big boys who can’t think past the bottom line. It won’t cost you money to spend time with RTN. With us, it’s about the community sharing our love for rock music. The good times we have had, where rock music is a part and our stories are lasting memories.

And more exciting content will be added, like one on one interviews with the bands and artists telling their stories in their own words. Or your hour of fame, when you design your own 60-minute playlist. Share your content ideas, they may become the next big show on RTN. Just share your thoughts with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

You are invited to lean back and join us. Make rockingthenet.com part of your listening habits. Rock music, highest quality sound possible, limited interruptions, streaming on all your device non-stop. Best of all…RTN is free!

That’s the RTN difference.


Use this form to email us to subscribe to the RTN Newsletter or for any questions, comments, or music requests. Or give us an old-fashioned phone call at 843.781.8944.